It‘s Tuesday after the testosterone packed Folsom EU weekend in Schöneberg. Some time has passed since I last saw Domasan in Los Angeles. He is a founder of the Southern California Bondage Club and has publicly tied and strung up numerous guys at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. His suspension rope works even appeared in Bruce La Bruce’s movie L.A. Zombie. This is his first time to Berlin and we set aside some time to catch up. Sitting down he takes off his leather jacket and reveals a black T-shirt beneath with a delicate script across his chest that reads ’crying is not a safe word’. Just the Domasan that I remembered – full of surprises.

His artist name Domasan is created by fusing the two words Dominant and Asian, of which he is both. The art form that he practices is rooted in Kinbaku, the ancient Japanese art of Bondage, known to Westeners as Shibari, which iterally means „to tie“ or „to bind“. He tells me that he first started learning to tie knots in the boy scouts in his native Taiwan. Later on in his sexual exploration days he revisited this knowledge to enhance his dominant role and started using these rope talents in his encounters.

“Only trust can build intimacy.“

He explains to me that the more traditional rope bondage is usually done in natural jute but that he soon progressed to using black and later red-coloured rope in his sessions: „In Chinese culture red is a colour that represents happiness, warmth, and celebrations. These are the things that I wish my subs to experience. In a successful session, I connect on a level that the subject has never experienced before. During the process, which usually involves many hours, I am very influenced by the personal interactions with my subs, focusing on their comfort and positive energy. The body is the canvas, ropes are my brushes and the reward is the creation of a living piece of art.“

Like in one of his sessions we too take time to talk, having a drink and a laugh in between all these deep thoughts. It‘s so great catching up with an old friend. We talk about sexual evolution and agree that fewer people take the time to fully experience themselves: Sex is so typically focused on fucking!

I ask him what kind of sexual interactions occur in his work. Smiling enthusiastically, he replies: “Touching yes. Nipple play and CBT yes. Touching dick, of course, and explosive orgasms, yes. But fucking no. To me sex is more about serving the sub. It‘s an achievement, energy, connectivity. We humans always play with fire, taking risks. That is the rule of survival but a one way street never works in the long run. It‘s a two way street with my subs. Only trust can build intimacy.“

I will miss him, but our close ties will always remain.

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