“Take Me Like the Sea” wants to shake off stereotypes and other perceptions about both pornography and classical music. Through seven scenes, from a kinky piano lesson to a majestic orgy, a wild and unconventional team of young filmmakers will be exploring the magic happening when the lights go down. You can help the fabulous makers in realizing this intriguing project to be shot this July with only a few clicks: TAKE ME LIKE THE SEA

Their goal is to create a beautiful film, made by a professional team and with good material. There will be about 30 people involved, on the set. In edition to that, there will be the editing.

You can see how the budget is divided here:

Performer and crew wages: 2500€
Material and other expenses (decoration, travel, etc): 660€
Crowdfunding budget (rewards and fees): 640€
Music rights: 200€

See for yourself and share if you like it.

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