„Sex ist wie Essen, ein körperliches Bedürfnis welches sich nach Abwechslung sehnt und sie auch braucht. Warum sollte ich morgends, mittags und abends nur Müsli essen? Oder den ganzen Tag lang Steak?“  Anton Dickson

Die „Chronicles of a London Cumpig“ sind dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal in Grossbritannien bei Atelier A-Z erschienen. Die Geschichten entstanden als US-amerikanischer Blog 2012 von Treasure Island Media Darsteller Anton Dickson. Das von ihm gegründete Atelier A-Z versteht sich als kreatives Kollektiv mit dem Ziel durch personalisierten, enthusiastischen Einsatz Werke von großer Schönheit und Inhaltlichkeit zu schaffen. Anton dankt in seinem Vorwort einem Freund und Mentor für dessen Hilfe dabei, bewährte gedankliche Wege in Frage zu stellen. Wir danken Anton für Chronicles of a London Cumpig, erhältlich auf www.atelier-az.org.

WEEK 1 – Meet Anton Dickson

My name is Anton Dickson. Some of you might know me from Liam Cole’s films: In the Flesh, Full Tilt, Wild Breed, Pounded, Slammed, Overload and Outlaws etc, for Treasure Island Media, where these Chronicles were first published online. Or from my earlier ‘safe sex’ porn work. I’m from Sweden, with Croatian/Serbian origin. I lived three years in France but the last fifteen years I’ve been based in London, enjoying all these horny Brit lads. It’s been quite amazing giving them my big uncut Eastern European cock as often as I can manage. When not fucking my way through the UK, I work as an architect and photographer. I’m also a retired classical ballet dancer.

Now that you know about me, let me tell you what a horny day I had the other day. I was working in the architect office, looking out through the dirty window (feeling generally bored), when I got this text message to my phone: “I’m downstairs in the pub under your job, do you want a mouthful?” Wow, who am I to resist a massive load from a horny teen walking past the area? Naturally, I agreed to meet him in the pub toilet straight away, made an excuse to my boss, and popped down to the pub, where I eagerly swallowed the horny 19 year old’s massive 8 inch uncut cock. He came so much I couldn’t help but gag. Well zipped up, the boy left, and I went back to work.

Little did I know that I would get another text on Grindr an hour later: “I’m HORNY, can I suck your cock?” Seeing as I hadn’t cum with the first lad, I said sure! I thought it would look a bit suspicious of me going to the pub toilet again, though, so I asked if he could come to my office toilets. When he arrived, he wasted no time getting to his knees. I was already so horny from my earlier adventure, the precum was flowing freely. A few minutes later, I came a massive load in his eager mouth. He kissed me after, so I got a good taste of it myself, yummy. Wiping my beard and letting the boy out of the toilet, I made my way back to my office desk. I already started liking this day a lot. Little did I know that more was to follow. After work, I arrived back at my flat, it had been raining so I was soaked. Remembering my husband was not going to be home for a couple of months, I thought why not log on to Gayromeo to see who was about? I could always film some of my arty porn clips of me sucking boys off, if nothing else.

Was denkst du darüber?


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