Charlie Le Mindu’s ‘haute coiffure’ genius redefines the word wig by transporting it from the territory of middle aged crisis and illness to the runway. Lady Gaga, Cher, Brooke Candy, they all worked with and love Charlie! This month Boner Magazine gets to know more about this hairy badass!

“Good morning Charlie”, we are honoured to have you in Boner Magazine! As Tina Turner would sing, “So we’re gonna take the beginning of this song (Interview) and do it easy, Then we’re gonna do the finish rough!“ I usually like it rough directly but whatever!

How do you feel in your life since you moved to Los Angeles? Los Angeles is actually a great city like Berlin, you just need to travel a lot so you don’t get stuck. I found my places that I like to go to like the Redcat or this night called Lucha Vavoom but then if I need to see a ballet, I’ll just wait for my next time in the EU or New York.

Your designs are so strong and iconic, What are your primary sources of inspiration? It always changes but shrooms do help sometime when I work on a project where I have a beginning of an idea. I will microdose for 20 days and it will make me focus and give me brighter idea. My inspiration comes from movies, architecture, expo, new techniques in design technology.

From Philippe Decouflé to Lady Gaga, from the Palais de Tokyo (Paris) to Liljevalchs (Stockholm) or Christie’s (New York), you’ve been working everywhere with the biggest names, How do you feel about it? Are there any dreams left? Yes a lot! I guess as a frustrated person, I don’t feel like I did enough, I would like to have a Hair foundation at some point.

What project are you most proud of? I did love my show Charliewood @Palais de Tokyo With Jeroen Verbruggen, a choreographer. We redid the Sacre du printemps from Stravinsky in Monaco and I do have to say I was really happy how this turned out!

What are your next projects? I’m doing my own festival from the 27 to the 29 Oct in LA at the Standart Hotel I can’t wait to be on this.

What’s your favorite hair trend of all times? And tell me more about this Rat-haircut you love so much! I love the Rat-haircut! As all my gypsi cousins use to have one, I just wanted to upgrade it to make it better! After all, if it’s just from me, I love boys and girls in a mullet!

You can look sometimes white trash, which is a compliment, what is the inspiration of your own style? What’s my secret? Not showering, stick and poke tattoos, and a lot of poppers!

You create badass silhouettes in your shows, showing a lot of flesh. In a very raw or sometimes super sensual style … How sexual is in your work? I won’t say my work is sexual but more sensual, I love the art of nudity and keep men and women naked, but actually you don’t look at their bodies because the environment they been put in, is more intense and it fits.

Charlie Le Mindu

Do you consider yourself as a hair fetishist? I LOVE HAIR on boys on girls. I LOVE HAIR!

If you had to create an outfit for a porn movie what would it be? 

I actually did Art Direction and costumes for a porno movie with Francois Sagat called Incubus. I would love to work more in the porno industry and do costume for movie and set design. It’s always very cliche! Why don’t we see a lesbian scene in a James Turrel light room for example? It would be so beautiful!

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