Inspired by neorealism and his fascination for film noir, Sam Scott Schiavo developed his very personal photography style, which reflects the way his career began – nothing planned in advance …

Photographer Sam Scott Schiavo was born and raised in Philadelphia and after various adventures on both sides of the Atlantic, he has made Europe his home for more than 20 years. There he worked nearly 18 years as an agent in prestigious modelling agencies in Milan. This is where he discovered his passion for photography. He left that sector of the fashion business to devote himself to being a full time photographer. His very personal artistic style has been influenced by his love for cinema, in particular film noir, realism and underground along with the great masters of photography and art. His images are natural and often purely erotic, filled with lingering glances stirring and ambiguous emotions, transporting us to past recollections in a contemporary present.

This his second book titled Carnal Remains is an erotic yet purist collection of images from more than 25 years work that always avoids the artificial and the excessive.

Photograph by Sam Scott Schiavo

This book shows for the first time a broad cross section of Sam’s erotic male photography. As an introduction to each chapter, the artist expresses his thoughts on the images through the use of his own short poems. Each picture encapsulates a random snapshot that captures an intimate moment between two people. His images reveal the unique nature of the collaboration between the photographer and his subjects. The relaxed setting and Sam’s talent to provoke genuine emotions create an atmosphere that makes the models feel comfortable in front of the camera, resulting in pictures which are visually stimulating in their simplicity.


This exclusive limited edition and signed book – 300 pages, 250 photos and 25 years in the making including including poems by San Scott Schiavo titled Carnal Remains is now available from

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