Anyone who follows the world of porn and cult movies knows the name Bruce La Bruce. He is no stranger to depicting themes of sexual taboos in film as his IMDb lists, such as fetishisms and paraphilia, BDSM, gang rape, racially-motivated violence, amputee fetishism, male and female prostitution, as well as zombie and vampire sexuality. His feature length movies include Hustler White (1996),The Raspberry Reich (2004), Otto – Up With Dead People which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008, then two years later he premiered L.A. Zombie which was banned from the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2010. Bruce does not shy away from controversy and thats why we love he does.

This month, INSTINCT in Berlin gets to play host to Bruce La Bruce in their latest exhibition Instinct Edition #5 with screenings of one of his newer works It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse. Boner Magazine had the opportunity to talk with Bruce about this and other projects.

Boner: These new movies that you have been working on with CockyBoys and others, how are they different that most of current porn movies that are being produced by other directors and studios?

Bruce: I’m really into the idea of trying to bring back narrative porn, or conceptual or art porn that involves more than just fucking. Fucking is fine, I watch porn in which guys just fuck all the time and jerk off to it myself, but I also miss porn with stories and characters. I’m enamoured of seventies porn when filmmakers like Wakefield Poole and Peter de Rome were considered both pornographers and artists. I’ve been doing porn all along with some of my feature films, making softcore versions and hardcore versions of the same film. Now lately I’ve been working with porn companies who are interested in doing narrative porn. I made a short film for Erika Lust called Refugee’s Welcome, and now I’m shooting two more short films with them at the end of March. And I made this project with Cockyboys, and I hope to do more with them also. The Cockyboys film also has a shorter and longer version, the formed under the title “It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse…”, and the latter under the title “Bruce LaBruce’s Fleapit.” Each one is distinct, but they share actors and themes. The production values are relatively high, and the short version is also being screened at film festivals. Its world premier is at the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

Boner: What cities around the world have you filmed in for this project?

Bruce: I shot the first two short films, Diablo in Madrid and Uber Menschen, in Madrid in June of last year. I was having a photo exhibit at the art gallery that represents me there, La Fresh, so I shot them right after the opening while I was there. The second two short films, The Purple Army Faction and Fleapit, were shot in Berlin in July of last year.

Boner: Which city was the most inspiring and held the biggest surprises for you?

Bruce: I spend a lot of time hanging out and working in Berlin, so I’m really inspired by all the hot and sexy guys there who come from all over the world. I’ve shot six feature length films there, so I know the city pretty well and there is never a shortage of spectacular locations. I like the fact that it is a dark and brooding, kind of a Gothic feeling city. (I’ve also shot two films in L.A., which is like the polar opposite.) I finally realized my dream of shooting a scene of someone being fucked up against the Berlin Wall! Madrid also has no shortage of beautiful men and spectacular locations. We shot most of Diablo in Madrid in this enormous, gorgeous cemetery called Cementerio de la Almudena, and both Diablo and Uber Menschen include scenes at the Viaducto de Segovia, a spectacular historic bridge there known for broken-hearted lovers leaping off of it.

Boner: Names, Names, Names! Can you share a list of some of the main actors featured in this project?

Bruce: Each of the films stars some of Cockyboys most recognizable porn stars. Diablo in Madrid stars Sean Ford and Allen King in there very first fuck scene together, and there’s a lot of chemistry there! Diablo also has a cameo by controversial porn idol Colby Keller. It also stars my super fabulous gallerist Topacio Fresh and cute performance artist Alexandria Cinque in non-sexual cameos. Uber Menschen pairs up Colby Keller with the hot Calvin Banks. In The Purple Army Faction, I had the great pleasure of working with Francois Sagat again, who starred in my movie L.A. Zombie. (He’s been working with Cockyboys quite a bit since I introduced them.) It also stars the Russian dreamboat Dato Foland and the Persian hunk Arad Winwin. The cute and very popular Cockyboys favourite Levi Karter also stars. Fleapit again stars Dato, Arad, and Levi, along with non-Cockyboys porn actors A.J. Alexander, who won an award as Britain’s Top Top last year, and Bishop Black, who works with Erika Lust sometimes. It also stars hot Berlin performers/artists Pierre Emo and Valentin Braun.

Boner: What is your vision for the future of Porn?

Bruce: I believe that porn in the future will cross-over much more with mainstream, pop entertainment, and media. With so many people expressing themselves sexually and explicitly on the Internet, the taboos surrounding pornography are breaking down, and it will soon no longer be stigmatized like it once was. I think finally porn performers will be able to cross-over more to the mainstream, and there will be less distinction between the two worlds. Or maybe I’m just dreaming. LOL!

Boner: We all hope that you and many more will keep on dreaming because this is how great entertainment and progress are fueled – with DREAMS! (gt)

Bruce La Bruce – Instinct Edition #5

Vernissage: Thursday 29 March @ 16:00 h

Village Berlin – Kurfürstenstrasse 31/32

10785 Berlin Scöneberg

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