Red hot and a smooth milky dancer’s body: Johannes Lars has got what it takes to be the perfect bottom. We met the sweet young performer who is anything but a prima donna. While he may not have won Best Bottom at this year’s HustlaBall Berlin Awards we very much enjoyed a Plié avec Monsieur Lars …

How do you feel about your nomination as best bottom for this years HustlaBall Berlin?

It’s really weird but also very exciting. I couldn’t believe it when I got nominated. Because I’m so new to this business it really came as a surprise to me. I mean HustlaBall is huge.

How did you get into the adult industry?

When I was 18 I was already thinking about doing porn, but then I was still training t be a professional dancer. After an injury though I got really very depressed for ages, but then I thought life is too short, so I wanted to make this experience and see what happens. I applied online and Eurocreme were the first to get back to me.


How was it like for you shooting your first scene? Were you nervous?

I was nervous, but I don’t remember why. I think it was more the adrenalin. I was sort of just taking it as it comes. Because it was my first shoot everybody was really nice and gentle with me, so I really enjoyed it.

What is your favorite fetish or fantasy? What turns you on most.

Oh that’s always so hard to answer. There’s so many things I like and when it comes to talking about it I don’t know what to say. I mean I did Boynapped, was put on a leash and fake abused by a very dominant top, but actually I’m a real romantic guy. The kinky stuff tough is always a lot of fun to do.

Do you have a porn star crush?

Not anyone in particular, but I like manly guys, maybe a little bit hairy. But I guess I know when I see them. There’s so many different hot guys out there and you have to meet them before you know if you like them. Mind you, Lucas Ridgeston was my first ever porn crush, I was obsessed with him.


Is it difficult for you to date guys because you work in porn?

It’s difficult for me to date guys at all because I just don’t find anyone to date. Where I live is no gay scene at all and all you have is Grindr. I think it’s hard to date in the gay bubble in general. And when I get to know someone and tell them about my work, it seems all they ever want to talk about is that.

Any what would your ideal partner bring into a relationship.

He’d have to be funny, because I don’t like guys that are too serious. And he’d have to be a complete top.

What are you doing when you don’t work?

I’m starting to train to get my qualification to be a ballet teacher. After being depressed and thinking I don’t want to do it anymore I now realized that I still have to dance, I love it too much.

Maybe you could do a ballet porn scene?

Well, it would be fun. People have tried it, but it was all wrong because they were wearing the tights wrong and couldn’t do anything technically right.

Interview: Ernesto Klews

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