If you stayed in this weekend to do laundry, make bread or hoover the cat or something boring, don’t worry babes, we’ve got a little slice of magic coming right up.

Anna Bolena, one of Berlin’s true music pioneers and a dance floor favourite across the queer underground scene throughout Europe has recorded her set at Buttons at About Blank, tantalisingly around the corner from my flat.

Danny Polaris: Anna, you have an incredibly eclectic taste in music, and thatís reflected in your sets. How do you pull all the different elements together?

Anna Bolena: It’s actually a spontaneous process. I make sure that I think about the specific context, possible crowd and what kind of music suits this mixture. But at the end I always feel free to play what I like in that moment. I spin different wax every time, so that it’s never boring for the crowd. That’s my aim anyway. The rest comes from my mind, my heart, my culture.

DP: What are your main musical influences?

AB: Classical from my Mom, Jazz from my Father. I mostly listened to and danced to Pop, Disco and Rock during my childhood. Afterwards I added other styles, like New Wave Post-Punk Industrial in the 80s, then eventually in the 90s electronic shit. Now I’m interested in Latin and Balearic.

DP: Spring is fast-approaching and summer is just around the corner. What do you have coming up this year?

AB: To start with, I’m got my new music project G.A.Z.A. with 3 tracks released by Media Records/Underground Italy in May/June. There’s a surprise coming too, I’ll tell you about it later this year… And a new vinyl. More coming soon!

DP: Tell us a bit about your set at Buttons on the weekend…

AB: It was my first time playing the House Floor. I was a bit exited! For me, House music is basically an old school culture that I deeply respect. My roots go back mostly to Techno, Hardcore, IDM and Industrial.

It was an experiment to remain strictly in a specific kind of music, so less eclectic and weird than I sometimes play. I need this challenge to improve myself on the decks. It s not simple for sure, but the feedback was amazing. the crowd was incredibly open and their reactions were really positive. I’m happy! And of course I played a House set with a touch of Garage and Disco. Very funky at least. My favourite groove.

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