Boner Magazine was just in sunny Barcelona and had the chance to meet up with a very talented and super sweet artist to talk about the sexy men that he draws. At a sidewalk cafe near to the Plaça d’ España, we drank a few glasses of Catalan wine and listened to his incredible story.

A boy named Edgar Murillo, born in Barcelona, is a deaf person, photographer, illustrator and filmmaker, who creates art with a lot of love. He has an unlimited imagination and wants to show his thoughts, feelings, and desires more creatively through his art.

“How important is deafness of the ear if the spirit hears?”

The silence in which Edgar remains strengthens him day by day and helps him considerably in his work and inspirations. His thirst for learning never calms down, fueling his curiosity makes him discover, search and find new references, nourishing himself with all kinds of artistic associations.

Edgar said, “Sign language is the natural language of deaf people, in fact, it is with which I feel most comfortable in my day to day life, a very visual language in a world where the visual has a lot of importance, my gaze creates a reality in a more careful, accurate, and concrete manner. He without vision, could not live as I do.”

After art school in Madrid then additional studies in Barcelona, Edgar creates in the full range of visual arts including photography and graphic design, for which he has won both honors and awards. A film maker and comic book artist are also highpoints to his long list of talents. I think if Edgar’s head exploded, you would see a full range of colors impregnating everything with art.

“The only deafness, the true deafness, the incurable deafness is that of intelligence.“ – said Victor Hugo in 1845

For Boner Magazine we focus on the slice of Edgar’s talents that is the most dear to him, drawing sexy hairy men and here we share with you a few of his tasty examples – muscle bears, beards, and big dicks, oh my. This artistic passion is a perfect match for our October issue which is also the month for HustlaBall, the yearly event in Berlin that brings all the boys to the yard as you have probably heard. Edgar’s fantasy men with their buldging muscles and well endowed crotches would probably all win the big dick contests of Monstercockland if they strutted themselves on stage. But for now, just sit back and enjoy these few sexbombs that he has drawn for you. We just have to hope that the live contestants can live up to this artist’s dreamy expectations.

Was denkst du darüber?