Viktor Rom is a sexy latin stud from Venezuela with a great body, scruffy style and a huge dick. Viktor has been appearing in videos for many different studios. And he’s just as hot as ever …

Hello Viktor, tell a little bit about you. I was born in San Cristobal Venezuela and I’m a criminal lawyer. Since I was very young I liked porn and always wanted to do porn. So I left my country Venezuela and I was studying in Dublin Ireland and then I went down to Spain where they offered me this opportunity.

When did you decide to do porn? I think that since I was a teenager. I watched porn and I liked it very much. I said I can be a porn star and I can do it.

How did you get into porn? I spoke to my friend, the porn actor Jhon Rodriguez, at the time when he was an exclusive model for Kristen Bjorn. He proposed to me to enter a casting and I was called to be introduced on January 7, 2015 in Madrid. I went and I made my first casting. They liked my work but the director told me at the end that I had to lose 6 kilos but in 2 months I lost 12 kilos and the producers began to call and so I started.

Tell us a little bit about your private life? I am pansexual. I like people regardless if it is female, man or transsexual so I have no limits. I like traveling and knowing many cultures and countries. And above all I enjoy food.

I know that is a hard topic. What do you think is the reason that some gay porn actor take their life? The last case was Alexander Gustavo in December 2016. Your life is very valuable and you only have one. You have to live it to the fullest and enjoy it. I am a believer in God and He is the only one who gives us life and only God can take it away from us.

What was your craziest sex adventure? In the Hustlaball of Berlin 2016. I did five live shows and to see all my companions in the show and the public fucking on the floor was an unforgettable but very rewarding experience. Another sexual adventure was in a sauna in Caracas City I fucked more than 12 guys. It was crazy.

Last question: What brings the future for you? Any new projects? I have a TV show that is called and if we talk about sex I am interviewing actresses and porno actors about their private life and their experiences in porn. I am also organizing the creation of a new production company that will have my image and a web side where I can sell articles, flannels, harnesses and erotic toys.

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