Tonight in Schoneberg: the 13th edition of Mein Schwules Auge premiere at Eisenherz in Schöneberg.

Excerpts from the Foreword of Mein Schwules Auge #13

The stranger is the unknown, whom we encounter in our everyday life – with curiosity, distance or even fear. We are strangers to others when we first meet on trips or when we – as a tourist in other countries – become an exotic, an outsider, an „other.“
But even in their own homeland, people can feel themselves as strangers if they do not correspond to the majority society and its norms. Homosexuals, no matter where in this world, share this experience with other minorities.

At the same time and also a global phenomenon, people with different skin colors and other cultural backgrounds are also attracting a special erotic interest. How different the angles and aspects of the „encounter with the stranger“ can be is shown by the contributions of this 13th edition of the gay yearbook of eroticism – 94 artists, photographers and authors from 17 countries are involved.

For example, the clash of cultures doesn’t only take place in distant countries and with foreigners, but also within our own families and in the domestic gay scene. What erotic complications, sexual adventures, confusion and mistakes can arise in this process are the topics for many in this edition.

In the face of the problem of refugees, we are challenged to deal more intensively with people, especially from African and Arab states, with their history, their destinies, the different moral concepts and worldviews. At the same time, racism, as well as homophobia and hostilities are growing again in Germany as well as in many other European countries.

On the other hand, more and more gays from fundamentalist – Christian countries (like Uganda and Kenya) or Islamic (such as Tunisia, Arabia, Pakistan and Iran) where homosexuals are ostracized, prosecuted or threatened with death are hoping for a freer life in Europe. The biographies, subjects and models of many of the artists involved in this edition are defined by migration and flight – sharing their personal experiences to enrich the LGBT scene.

While the situation for LGBT is worsening in parts of Europe, Africa and Arab countries – positive developments have occured elsewhere. Homosexuals were persecuted in Cuba after the Revolution for decades, many being locked up in labor and rehabilitation camps, their situation has improved considerably as a result of the general opening and liberalization of the country. This is reason enough for a small regional focus in this issue of our 13 edition.

Original German by Rinaldo Hopf & Axel Schock

Mein Schwules Auge #13 – Book Premiere

Friday 18 November @ 8:30 pm
Prinz Eisenherz – Motzstrasse 23 in Schöneberg


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