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You Are the Same Person

A boy named Dan hovered outside a lingerie store and peered inside. He had brought me along as moral support for corset shopping, and...

Wer ist Nikita?



Der perfekte Orgasmus

12,2 Sekunden dauert im Durchschnitt der männliche Orgasmus, auf das gesamte Leben hochgerechnet sind dies über neun Stunden, hierbei werden bis zu fünfzig Liter Sperma...

Sex, Seele, Savasana

Einigen Berliner Männern ist der Yoga-Lehrer Tom Barber mit seiner Kurs-Reihe Yoga Boys Berlin bereits ein Begriff. Auch in der internationalen Yoga-Szene hat er...

PrEP für Alle

Art Column by Black Boot

Florals. For Spring? Groundbreaking!

This is probably one of the most memorable lines that the lead character Miranda Priestley, played by Meryl Streep, so sarcastically spits out in...

3 Great Queer Exhibitions to check out in London!

If you are thinking of a weekend getaway to London this is definitely a good time to book that flight. With the better exchange...

There once was a butt, then came the MEAT!

About 6 years ago Londoner Adrian Lourie was the new kid on the block in the world of Zines with the debut of his...


It's the blue Penis Project. Blue is the colour of the sky. Blue is the colour of the ocean. Blue is the colour most associated with...

Off The Record

Off The Record