This year’s HustlaBall Awards Berlin saw a lot of anxious nominees in the audience and plenty of hot action on stage. But when the movie Penance was announced as winner for best screenplay, it wasn’t the actual writer and director who was called on stage to pick it up. Ashley Ryder has been a professional performer, writer and director for many years, so what happened and why was he not welcome to receive the honors of his work.

Congratulations on winning best screenplay. Although you were at the awards show you didn’t walk up on the stage to pick up the trophy. What the hell happened?

I was told I couldn’t go up to collect the award and I was like: OK, why? He then told me that they don’t want you to do it. They don’t want you connected with it anymore.

The guys at Bulldog? You’ve been working with them for a very long time. We’ve previewed many of your DVDs in the magazine.

I started working for Bulldog as a model when I was 25 as an exclusive for over two years. Years later I was in a gym in Vauxhall in London and I saw Trojan Rock who owns Alphamale. Alphamale, Bulldog and EuroCreme were all the same company and I said to him „Babes please, let me come and work in the office. I’ll come and do whatever you need me to do.”

I was club hosting at that time and also doing just a little bit here and there. I’d been really sick as well just coming out of having Tuberculosis and was living in my new place. I wanted a new change and start something different. So I spoke to Trojan and he said come in – maybe you could be a runner and I said I wanted to learn how to make a movie, how to produce and edit. So he put me as second camera on Alphamale with Lorenzo who was working for Alphamale and within six months, I started to write movies and learnt how to direct and edit from doing trailers.

From editing trailers to making your own movies. That’s great..

Yeah, I had no time to do anything flash or fancy. It was literally just speed. So then I started to pick up the camera and do like my own films. And they gave me control of Bulldog and that was like a year and a half ago. I left the company last year in November. Altogether I made 17 movies and 4 compilations, knocking out two movies in a month.

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So why’d you leave?

I decided in November that given the speed I was working at, I wasn’t really allowed to do as much as I wanted to do and take the time and effort to get it to amazing. I didn’t want to be a machine. I was making DVDs they could sell them in the UK. But at the same time I was still producing material for the Bulldog pit website – which made no sense to me, because you’re either a website or you do DVD. If you’re a website you upload two scenes a week. And that’s fine – they don’t have to have any continuity apart from the theme of the website you know. Whereas a DVD you have to have like four scenes that link together.

It’s a different kind of storytelling.

I was just being worked so fast, I had to go. I then bought myself a camera, a Sony EX1 and thought I’m just gonna start my own website up. I’m gonna do it myself. And then the UK porn laws came in 2014 and banned the production of fisting, hard BDSM, gagging …

As well as the use of big dildos and all stuff that „poses a danger to the anus“ …

Which is me, they basically banned everything that I like to do.

Basically you got censored.

Totally, one hundred percent. So I decided that I need to make sure that what I do is not going to get me into trouble. So now I’m looking to do stuff on Xtube, because they have a platform there ready available. They take a big cut, which is fair enough, because they have a wide distribution and lots of people on the site. Also you don’t have to charge too much money for the scenes and at the moment I’m just doing home movies. I challenge myself to make no-budget scenes with people I know and who are willing to offer their time for like 4 minutes of work to come and do a scene with me. I put stuff out on Twitter too for like loads of boys in London on twitter who wanna show their cock and stuff but don’t wanna show their faces.

Ashley Ryder, Torsten Schwick

I guess some people like their privacy.

Yeah totally, so I do a lot of like bandana and baseball caps which is very much me anyway. Like with Snatch, my first movie, I had everyone in clown masks and stuff. So I like that kind of rapey thuggish kind of look so I challenged myself to see if I could knock out a thousand dollars in a month and I did it.

What are your thoughts on the changes to porn laws? It is also considered to protect the youth as well as sex workers. 

I think first of all, families need to talk to their children more. It’s not gonna happen, but people just need to do it. If someone is going to be 15 and look at porn, you know it’s just  – there’s no way you can stop people doing it, a click through button that says your 18? I mean come on, if you’re under 18 you’re gonna click that I know I was, when I was on the computer the first time. But you have talk to the kids and make them realize that porn isn’t real in some respects. It’s a fantasy.

They’re gonna find it anyway. If it’s not through UK or European providers theres always gonna be a way.

Always, always. And the government can ban everything if they want, but then that makes it worse because they’re banning stuff. It’s just crazy.

Hows the situation over with you guys, theres a bit of a shift to the right with UKIP gaining momentum. There is an overall more conservative approach to everything.

They don’t want anything to be aggressive. Rape scenes are not allowed, derogatory comments, you cant use the word gag in a film, because it means you could choke. What they don’t want is people to copy stuff. They banned female ejaculation and even face sitting.

Has anyone ever died of face-sitting …

Yes. It was in that John Waters movie Desperate Living. The maid sits on the husbands face and chokes the husband to death. I mean you gonna ban that film?

It’s preposterous …

No, it’s a John Waters art movie.


I mean why can you watch it there but not it in a porn film. And I get it. It’s basically making sure that children don’t have easy access to this stuff and they’re trying to reduce the amount of production of really heavy porn, because that is the tendency in the market. I mean like rose budding is becoming bigger and bigger. The thing is that they wont stop people doing it – most of the general public watch and even make a lot of porn.

Now back to the award incident – you won best screenplay for Penance

Yes, my religious movie, but the company obviously didn’t want me to be collecting the award because it’s for their company even though I wrote it, directed it, and filmed it. All they did was pay a cheque but you know as Ashton Bradly came over to me afterwards and he was like, he knew that it was my movie, he was like look — this happens a lot like if you freelance for another company or you work for somebody and you leave, you know they’re all pally pally pally when they’re with you and afterwards they’re the ones collecting the awards even though you’re the one who did everything.

That must feel disappointing but on the other hand you’ve got so much going right now so you focus on producing more stuff that interests you to develop you’re own vision.

There are some films that I wanna do with myself as a porn star. I just did a scene for HardKinks with Damian Cross’ first fisting scene. He’s never fisted on camera before so I did his first one for HardKinks and that was pretty cool. He’s a really cool guy, I like him a lot. I was supposed to work in Cazzo while I was here but I didn’t really hear much and he said he’s been sick. I was hoping to get to work with them but I’ll be back anyway.

Something good to say about Berlin? We hope you’ve still enjoyed it despite the incident.

I enjoyed the HustlaBall a lot. In big clubs I tend to panic a little, but I met two friends. I lost my wallet on the stage and it had 70 euros in it so I ran back upstairs, but it had gone. But then this Italian guy came up to me and asked me if we could go somewhere? So I took him up to the buffet area, but I had no lube for fisting. All they had was the tray of butter by the bread, so I scooped it and put it in his hands, and then walked off with 200 euros. So I left the stage 70 euros down but walked out of the VIP room 130 euros up.

So clearly there is good things to come out of fisting …

I thought about that a lot and there’s one thing I really wanna do in the future. I wanna do Ashley Ryder’s 1000 fists. I’m gonna start off with doing 50 fists, then 100, then 250, 500 and then 1000 for a DVD compilation. It’s gonna be my swan song in a way and I wanna do something no one can beat it. I’m thinking 500 people in a queue, and every 25 people theres a porn actor so the people in the queue get like a minute and a half per hand and the porn actors get a bit longer and we film the whole thing and we just clock it up so by the end of it it’ll be 1000 fists.


And who is gonna take those fists?

Me. All in one shot. I want to find 500 people and get them in a warehouse space. It’s just a vision at the moment, but I wanna do something that’s like totally crazy. I hope to get a charity on board. There is a Hep-C charity I have in mind as you know fisting is one of the ways Hep C spreads, a fact a lot people are not really aware of.

You want to promote the use of gloves for fisting.

Yeah, and of course for myself just because of the amount of people and finger nails, and because I won’t know all of them. I don’t wanna be cut or anything like that. I mean they’re not gonna be going super deep or anything.

People will still be fisting – ban or not.

The more they start to make it underground the more people are gonna start doing it themselves. It really upset me when the porn laws came in and they changed everything because fisting was banned anyway, the sale of movies, but the production of it wasn’t so you could produce it, but now you can’t even make it in the UK. My taste in porn is quite extreme, I don’t know where in the world right now I could produce stuff I actually enjoy doing. When it comes to the S&M stuff, if you can you know make that intro bit seem really real the rest of it kind of blends in but I don’t like to fake the action. I hate fake fucking. I hate fake whipping. Consensual is important. But you don’t play around with that in the porn world. You get guys doing stuff they’ve never done before and that really irritates me too, because you can totally see that the top has never done that to somebody else. Why are you doing that to him? Do we need to see him do this, if he’s not into it? Why not let people do just what they like so long as it’s consensual?

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