The annual Pornfilm Festival brings some of the finest avant-garde pornography straight to the heart of Berlin. Celebrating the Festival’s 10th anniversary Boner Magazine presents the explorative movie a.k.a. FUCK. And with so much anonymity in the name to begin with, we find it is time for a quick one with the filmmakers. Meet: The Pretty Vacant Boys Project.

What are you trying to explore when making a movie?

I want to explore male sexuality. It’s a little different from pornography because my aim is not really to arouse the viewer. I try to be honest, that means I don’t ignore the bad aspects of sexuality, even though I want to give a positive image at the end. What surprised me while filming “aka FUCK” is how it was possible to catch really intimate and delicate things. I love filming. I’m a bee on a flower when I film boys, enjoying their skins, the curves of their bodies, their muscles, their penises… But this time, what the actors were sharing, the way they smiled to each other, went from tenderness to roughness, the way they opened up to one another was really powerful to record!


Are the two actors a couple in real life?

They were not at first. They met for the movie. I think we were all nervous about how well they would get along. And it turned out they hit it off right away. It was really surprising to see and it was so nice to film. At some point I couldn’t tell whether they were have sex or making love already. I don’t know if they met again after the shooting. But obviously the film was the beginning of something.


How was working with them?

Brad and Bishop complete each other. Brad is free and easy-going while Bishop is serious and delicate. Marco is always in a good mood. At first, I thought we should see the shooting as partying or having fun. But the more the actors were sharing their secrets, their fantasies, their first times… The more we were building a strong trust. At some point I felt as if we were in a safe zone, where we could feel free to be really honest. You never get that sensation in real life, even with your closest friends.


Are you going to attend the screening in Berlin?

Yes, of course! I’m really excited to be there!

Who inspires you?

Plenty of things inspire me. For a series of short movies called “Collages”, I got to watch hundreds of male erotica movies, from the first gay porn movies of the early 1900s to the nude selfies of today. We do have a lot of material feeding our imagination, more than what I thought and it says a lot about our culture and our history… The free minded films with people having sex as if they were making a joke, then the censorship and how to bypass it and now, every body’s having sex like porn actors and putting the videos on the internet, it’s a crazy fast evolution! I love it!


The Pretty Vacant Boys project collects secrets and films boys in their intimacy. 6 series of short movies document first times, fantasies, disappointments… of boys in their beds. (The PVB Tumblr extends the project by inviting the viewer to share his secrets with us…) After a little year, the Pretty Vacant Boys project moves forward and releases its first feature film “a.k.a. FUCK”. The world premiere of the film will take place at the Porn Film Festival in Berlin.

10. Pornfilmfestival Berlin @ Moviemento

Mittwoch, 21. – Sonntag, 25. Oktober

Kottbusser Damm 22 | 10967 Berlin

aka FUCK screening times

Freitag, 23. Oktober | 12:15

Sonntag, 25. Oktober | 21:45

Trailers, more stills & full German version available

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