_Spurv draws from both his experiences and imagination for ideas for his art and he is a proud Leo and shares his birthday with Madonna. A designer, who also draws a lot, but his favorite medium is linocut printing.

What brought you to this specific artistic process ?

I like the technique very much. The feel is much more personal for me as I have to carve out the wood to create the image. I feel that this process gives my artwork an increased feel of intimacy. With a woodcut or linocut you must think in the reverse logic of drawing – carving out the areas that will remain white in the print and leaving only what will take the ink to print on the paper. So you sort of are making a relief or reverse of the original drawing.

Where or how did you learn this process of printing?

Even though I had a lot of experience with drawing and design from university, I actually learned wood & linocut from watching YouTube videos. The things that you can find on the internet these days…LOL !


This process has been around for quite a long time right ? 

Yes definetly, plus I LOVE the contrast between a very old technique and a naughty subject.

When I make my prints, specifically in a 2 color version, it means that I do reduction linocut – cutting the block another time to print the second color. That means that I lose the original drawing that I made on the plate, so there is no possibility ever to print the same again. It gets totally lost in the process. Actually, I love these the most, but it is a lot more work and you must do it all perfectly because when you apply the last ink you can easily mess it all up.  At this point you really can‘t do anything more than to accept that you have a few less copies than you originally intended to print.

It‘s like the guy that sheds his weekday persona on a Friday night and totally transforms himself by adding new layers of fetish gear, making himself ready to revel in the dark bars and circuit partys on the weekend.  It is all there underneath the surface, you just have to make the right cuts and layers to bring it all out.

So you genuinely enjoy cutting out these sexy fetish scenes with your tools?

Oh Yeah, the act of carving out the wood and shaping it, preparing the surface to take the ink for the printing for me is the most intimate process – even more than first drawing the figures on the plate.

He says his plan is to focus on creating more _spurv art works in the future following in the footsteps of Tom of Finland, with his sights set on the possiblity of being known as _spurv from Denmark.


artist‘s sites:  instagram.com/_spurv and at


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