Daniel aka Lycraking from Düsseldorf is 37 years old. His hobbies are also his fetish, which include rubber, lycra, IG, cycling and swimming. And he’s really hot too!

What is your main fetish? It’s rubber definitely! I love the smell, the sound and how it hugs your body. The warm and sweaty feeling, when you wear it over a long time, is just awesome. Unfortunately you can’t wear rubber all day long, so I like lycra, too! The main thing is that it is skintight, so I always order a size smaller.

How  does it make you feel? Seeing rubbered guys on IG or other sites or just wearing lycra tights to the gym gets me directly hard and horny. I’ll try to be in gear as much as I can! The moment I put my first leg in a rubber fullsuit I have a boner. When I get in my bibs for spinning, I’m hard in the lockerroom and try to hide my excitement.

At what age did you discover this feeling? I was 14, at that time I was in the swimming team and played waterpolo, too. The guys in their rubbered speedos and fastskins at competions made me horny. I’ve started cycling later and still have one of my first lycra skinsuits.

What happened then? How did your fetish journey continue? The fastkins and aquablade suits were the first fullsuits I’d tried in my life. When the zipper was closed, I was in heaven. I loved wearing them a lot and found like-minded guys on the internet. It wasn’t that easy in the past, because the internet was just growing, there was no social media then. When I came across rubber pictures on gearfetish I wanted to try some rubber immediately and ordered my first rubber singlet. I didn’t know about lube or talcum powder to get in and it was a very sticky experience. I loved it anyway!

How do you live your fetish? Whenever I have some spare time, I’m in rubber or other gear and chatting with rubberfriends around the world. With some close friends I like to FaceTime. It’s the easiest way to have fun in gear, when you are at home. I like to take pictures, share it on IG and the naughty ones per DM.

Where could our readers meet you? What are favorite fetish events? Why? I’m not that often at rubber events, but like being there a lot. I went to the rubberpubcrawl in Cologne two months ago and sometimes I go to Drexx in Essen. I’ve been to Folsom once. Next I will be in Antwerp in February. And in June lycrastorm – the first international spandex party – it takes place in Vienna. Let’s see what happens there. I always like to see all the hot guys, that I know from the net. It’s great meeting them in person! Socializing is important.

What is the reason to run your fetish profiles? I’ve always had fetish profiles. Gearfetish, spandexparty, tumblr, etc, but IG is one of the biggest. I started in 2016 and realized, that there are thousands of guys with the same fetish. I like to show off in gear and I’m happy that my followers like that, too!

Do you get feedback from followers? Tell us more about it! I get a lot of positive feedback from my followers. Ideas, I never dreamed of, and I try to consider them for my next posts. One came up with the idea of going live and I really have a lot of fun, everytime I get in gear live. Of course there are a lot of pervy suggestion, too. I’m openminded and like to try a lot of things. After that you can decide, if you like it or not. Not to mention all the dick and ass pics I get every day.

What was your kinkiest fetish adventure? Helping an IG friend, I met for the first time, getting in one of my rubber suits. He never tried a fullsuit before and always wanted to. We’d met in lycra at the gym and couldn’t wait to get home. Seeing him getting hard, made me hard and I dressed him from head to toe. Rubbermask with no eyes was the last item. We had a great time. He loved it! I have to repeat it with another newbie.  

And what is your absolute fantasy fetish fuck? I’m a dom and I really like to put a sub into full lycra or rubber, plugged and in chastity, too. I would wrap him in clingfilm and add a last layer of duct tape. After enjoying the view for a while and teasing him a lot, I would open the important holes. Let the fun begin! Kinky enough? 

Should it stay a fantasy or do you want it to become reality? It will definitely come true in 2019! I have some friends, who are most willing to help fulfill my fantasy … There are lots of pervs out there. It’s good I’m not alone!

Interview: Mike Neuhold

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