Everybody has seen matryoshkas at the holiday markets, those little wooden nesting dolls from Russia usually painted in red with bright colors and gold. Their name matryoshka, or матрёшка in russian, literally translates to „little matron“ because the largest and outer layer is traditionaly a woman. Sometimes matryoshka dolls are called babushka dolls, babushka meaning „old woman“ because they start with the oldest and largest on the outside and get progressively smaller and younger inside.

Absolutely Fabulous
Absolutely Fabulous

The first russian nested doll sets were made in 1890 by folk artists from a commune on the north side of Moscow and were inspired by antique dolls that they had seen from Japan.
A presentation of their new versions at the World Exposition Paris in 1900 was a big hit with the european crowds. The older more traditional Russian doll sets followed themes from old russian fairy tales and later on switched to popular Soviet leaders as that country‘s pages of history turned, but the popularity of matroyshkas still continues today.

Artist Bobobabushka takes this traditional style to a whole new level. She creates her own dishy renditions of pop cultural icons on the forms of these classic nesting dolls. Her hand painted, one-of-a-kind characters catapult this historic craft into the present with images of celebs from contemporary music, TV & the movies. One of her favorite topics is the series of films by John Waters featuring Divine. Working closely with the actor‘s estate, she has done many sets of the famed drag diva and cast members of his movies like Polyester and Hair Spray.

Royal Family
Royal Family

Plus everybody knows and loves her rendition of the Golden Girls – but after just seeing the new AbFab movie, I can totally relate to her ladies with an attitude family of Patsy, Eddie, Safron, Bubble and Gran. Pass the Bolly sweetie darling, I‘m looking at Bobobabushka‘s latest creations and you should too!

Artist‘s site:

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