October is an amazing month, spicy pumpkin pies are back, beer festivals everywhere and of course Halloween, time for an orgy of scary movies! The main goal of a horror movie is to frighten viewers so much that they have to cover their eyes. But with some scary movies you just can’t stop watching — because the fashion is so intriguing.

Have a look at those stylish fashion movies, inspiring both Halloween costumes and everyday ensembles. Outfits that would bring vampires back to life. Feel the chicness of sociopaths, chase the nonchalant coolness of witches — and copy the pre-death style of their victims.

IT (2017)

It – Model: Joaquim

The new version of the classical Stephen King It is out and we love … IT! If Tim Curry, the colourful 50’s style Pennywise, frightened your nights for almost 30 years, Bill Skarsgård’s one will haunt you til your death. Janie Bryant (“Deadwood,” “Mad Men”) designed a creepy Elizabethan costume to bring the legendary clown back to life and gave a 70’s cool, outsider style to the band of kids. IT: The only movie that ever managed to make clowns, yellow raincoats and red balloons iconic!

The Craft (1996) 

The Craft – Model: Guillaume

THE ultimate 90’s teenage witch movie. Those four girls may wear uniforms to school, but they each have an individual sense of style! And when the fight starts between good and evil, it’s fashion battle between sweet 90’s and Grunge! Sarah, the newbie, does a lot of long sleeved t-shirts under dresses, a look which was pretty dope in the 90s; her Converse and wool thigh highs proves she’s the good witch. Facing the goodness: Nancy. Is. Everything! There’s no shortage of black, more black, rosaries, dark lipstick, and dozen of sautoirs. She dared to wear a PVC trench, and please note the nose ring, the thin 90’s brows, and the studded choker. We don’t really want to choose which witch team we wanna play in: we love both!

Friday 13th (1980)

Friday 13th – Model: Julian

When a group of teenagers decide to go wild at a lake camp in the middle of nowhere, while their counsellor is gone you may think they are dumb. But we can forgive everything for good style! Those perfectly bleached and frayed denim mini shorts for dudes, sleeveless jackets, raglan sleeve shirts, and sioux headdress are freaking good. Obviously, style-jealousy must have been the motive for those murders!

American Horror Story (Since 2011)

American Horror Story – Model: Matteo

American Horror Story allows Ryan Murphy’s genius to shine season after season, delivering intriguing horror stories and unforgettable characters. Each season is different and has moved from a murder house to an asylum and a California Hotel – and the fashion keeps getting better. From Frances Conroy’s Grace as a Balenciaga lover witch in AHS Coven to Jessica Lange 50s glamour style in AHS Freak Show, and the mysterious character Liz Taylor, portrayed by Denis O’Hare, a transgender bald head bartender who serves leather pants, platform heels, and Cleopatra-styled makeup in AHS Hotel. Cut me I bleed Dior.

American Psycho (2000) Lionsgate Films

While most fictional serial killers lack style, Patrick Bateman, played by the amazing Christian Bale, is pure evil down to the core of his soul with a great sense of cool and expense 80’s Style. Obsessed with his status as a successful Wall Street banker, Bateman wears his Valentino couture grey wool business suit perfectly! Got violent impulses? No worries: this maniac always got a see-through impermeable raincoat to keep all his clothes impeccable.

The Neon Demon (2016) Amazon Studios

As 16-year-old model Jesse in The Neon Demon, Elle Fanning possesses a magnetic beauty you can’t take your eyes off. You want to (photo-) shoot her, plaster her face (on sky-high billboards), drape her – in couture gowns, and then maybe, just maybe, devour her flesh and drink her blood like an iron-rich smoothie. Horror, like fashion, is obsessed with the young: demonic children, teenage-slasher flicks, villains lusting after eternal youth. This psychological Neon-glitter-ultra contrasted coloured movie will give a sense of Love/Hate feeling that is soooo Fashion.

The Hunger (1983) Warner Bros

Once we hear the words “sensual horror film” in the same sentence as David Bowie, we know there will be iconic fashion. The Hunger stars «all in Yves Saint Laurent» Catherine Deneuve and Supreme Bowie as a seductive vampire couple who wear impossibly cool outfits, classic 80s styles including leather jackets, Art Deco silhouettes and sharp cat-eye sunglasses, while feasting on the blood of unsuspecting victims.

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